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About the Editor

Nicholas W. Mason is is a PhD Candidate at the Department of History, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University. His research focuses on nativism and mob violence against Chinese immigrants in nineteenth-century United States history.,_Nicholas/



The editor would like to thank the Syracuse University Department of History for generously funding the creation and publication of this website. Furthermore, this project would not be possible without the support of the following people. Thank you to my advisor Dr. Andrew Wender Cohen, my dissertation committee advisors Dr. Jeffrey Gonda and Dr. Gladys McCormick, my comprehensive exam committee advisor Dr. Norman Kutcher, and the rest of the faculty at Syracuse University for countless hours of research guidance, literature recommendations, and academic, professional, and personal support. Thank you to Dr. William D. Carrigan for starting and guiding me on this field of research, and for always looking out for opportunities for me to continue to grow it. Thank you to Dr. Brent M. S. Campney for sending me primary sources and avenues of research to pursue for this project. Thank you to Dr. Tom Guiler and Dr. Patrick Williams for guidance and suggestions for exploring my research through digital humanities. Thank you to Tom Tryniski of Old Fulton NY Postcards for allowing me to use his site and its content. Thank you to Lydia Wasylenko and the SU Libraries for guidance and suggestions for pursuing my research. Thank you to Michael Wootton as well as my SU History and Maxwell School colleagues for supporting me and helping me with my writing. Thank you to the University of California, Riverside and the California Digital Newspaper Collection, the University of California, Berkeley and the Bancroft Library, the Los Angeles Public Library, the San Francisco Public Library, and the Cornell University Libraries for assisting with my research.

This website was created with The spreadsheets and bibliography on this website were created with and hosted by Google Sheets and Google Docs.


History thumbnail: "Federal soldiers on South Front Street in Rock Springs, 1885. Troops were first deployed in Rock Springs to quell the riot on September 5." Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Lethal Violence thumbnail: "Killed for Their Gold Dust," Illustrated Police News, July 23, 1887. Courtesy of Old Fulton NY Postcards and used with permission. Nonlethal Violence thumbnail: "John Chinaman at Jamestown, Col.," Illustrated Police News, April 28, 1883. Courtesy of Old Fulton NY Postcards and used with permission. Violence Map thumbnail: Huáng, “Memorial of Chinese Laborers Resident at Rock Springs." See Bibliography for full citation. All other images courtesy of

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